JunseiSynn (Official Tumblr Page)

I am something of an enigma, a person without boundaries. I am infinite and my personality will show you no different. I am someone who can't be described. A dominant, a master, kind, confident, cocky, charming, wise and the list will forever go on. I am forever adapting by learning from myself and from others. I hope to inspire the world with the chaos that is my mind and the fragments that these pictures, words and posts represent. How could I describe myself, when everyday I learn something new? Is a person worth a few words, a few pictures and an overall summary? Not at all, it is better for those reading and those interested to ask me. To communicate with me directly and figure me out as I spend my time to figure you and myself out as well. My name is Junsei Synn and I am 22 from New york. I wanted to address a question that I continuously get about this blog and that is that 'why is it all over the place at times?' Well, to answer that question i'd have to say it's because my personality is multi-dimensional. I have many sides to show, there are many things that I like. My interests dont stay in one spectrum existing in our world. I vary, I range, I reach and there is much for me to explore. Dwell into the mind of Junsei Synn as a sneak preview of my mind and soul because there is bound to be something you can relate with;The rest if you are curious you are going to have to ask.

*Entrepreneur, writer, photographer, rapper, poet, and more. Lover of beauty, women and art; I am here to conquer. As well as finding new things to be passionate about, learn and experience.